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Wonderful Dharma of the Kind Mentor


Verse spoken by the Kind Mentor
–The steps to enlightenment, accomplishment

    After perceiving all sentient beings,
    the Kind Mentor spoke in verse as below:

The tasty and the beauty seem to be attainable;
If so, why are they needed further more?

Being confused by what you have seen,
heard and touched,

the beings have tried picking up the moon in the water for myriads of years;

All the gain and loss, bliss and suffering are in their illusory existence,

manifested by the Self Nature according to their consciousness.

Able to transfer the conscious mind to Wisdom of Superior Insight,

at the moment, you can master your destiny.

Even to be a free and easy Dharma-King,
You, like the Muni Pearl,

can make all your wishes fulfill.



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