Volunteer Recruitment

Position Description – Public Officer:

a) Work full-time with the officers in the BPI office, record daily operations of each position of BPI;
If problems arise, report to the chairman or committee in a timely manner;
make suggestions in accordance with the Constitution, Acts or Regulations;
Record events or significant change, and respond to government investigations carefully and precisely;
(In the past financial year 2021-2022, some serious problems related to the association’s accounts under auditing required the Public Officer to face the auditors and the government. Lacking inspection on regular basis, the public officer had to go back for investigation. After investigating for a certain time, the issues finally had been sorted out. It is not hard to find that small problems that cannot be resolved in time will lead to inevitable crises. Therefore, the updated daily duties of the Public Officer are listed as above.)

b) Communications with the Commissioner on alteration of objects, purposes or constitution or a trust of the BPI, etc. and keep a current copy of the Constitution of the Association.

c) Notification of appointment and change of address of public office to the Commissioner;

d) Filing of audited accounts with Commissioner annually, such as audited statement of the association’s accounts, the auditor’s report, annual report including Committee Members’ signature, principal activities and significant change of activities and net profit or loss of last financial year;

e) In charge of NT Government and ACNC Charity Portal and keep the association’s information up to date