Willing to Keep the Three Primal Precepts

Refer to Great Vehicle Sutra of a Way to the Root

Only beg the Buddhas in the Ten Directions and Three Periods,

to pity us with great Kindness and Compassion.

We have nobody to take refuge with during the wandering,

without any awareness in the long nights of births and deaths.

As sentient beings in various bonds,

we are even attached to everything with deluded and unenlightened mind.

Being in the burning house of the Triple World,

we wrongly view the existing world without anybody to rectify.

Being born in the poor and degraded family,

we have no freedom but are always in suffering.

Being born with the parents of false views,

we have learned both misconceptions and false conducts.

Only beg the great compassionate buddhas,

to pity, to protect and to be mindful of us just like parents to children.

We repent and will never create evil anymore,

and beg the Thus Come Ones in the three periods of time to verify.


Bestow us such Three Primal Precepts for Bodhisattvas as:

to benefit all the sentient beings;

to do all wholesome deeds

and to discipline ourselves in all good conducts.


We vow to be firm and irreversible,

diligent in cultivation in order to liberate the sentient beings in suffering;

To prioritize the leading and inspiring others instead of benefiting ourselves,

till the end of the future time constantly.

Merely beg all the buddhas to hold and to protect us,

so that our erring minds will be removed.

May all of us become enlightened on the True Nature

and achieve the Thus Come Ones’ unsurpassed path swiftly.


We beg the Buddha Shākyamuni to work as the Monk of this Precept;

the Buddha Complete Wisdom Honored-King, to work as our Acharya;

the Future Mentor, the Buddha Maitreya, to work as our Pure Professor;

the existing World Honored One in the ten directions, to work as our Witness;

all the Bodhisattvas in the ten Directions, to work as our mates to cultivate and to keep this Precept;

the various devas in different heavens, to work as the Protectors of this Precept.

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