Both our intention and practice are based on Buddhas' Practice.

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On this journey, we set forth with Kindness, Compassion, Joy and Giving based on the following solutions:

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Because of the Kind Mentor and the Triple Jewel, we can get together to follow the Buddhas’ Practice. A song of the BPI Association in video format can reflect all.

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Our preachers, the members of the BTRC, are unpaid volunteers of BPI. They are at the service to contribute what they have learnt during the past decades.

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How to apply the Buddhas’ Teaching into our daily lives?


Personal Reflections

After being inculcated by the Buddhas’ wisdom and insight for a long time, I began to practice subduing the desire for food. After fighting against it, I have enriched my experience to conquer it.

Wenjie GUO

Jan 8, 2021

Thru studying the BPI Constitution in English with members, I realized the devil of Arrogance, which drove me to thirst for fame. Every day, I should be mindful of being modest and learn from talented members.

Wenhua DU

Jan 8, 2021

Via listening to the Kind Mentor’s words, to have too much cakes in order to refuse eating cake, I was clear that desiring food is illusory.


Jan 15, 2021

Reflecting on being addicted to certain foods, seeking for positive reinforcement, being in search of pleasure and avoiding pain, and craving for money, I employed some teachings to fight them…

Ailing SUN

Jan 29, 2021

Suffering a lot from Being lust, indulging in sex conduct so that being infected by sexually transmitted disease, I had to choose to listing to the Kind Mentor’s instructions and reduced the pain…

Xiaoju LUO

Jan 29, 2021

Ignorance and afflictions can corrupt everything, and you must be able to feel all pain. If you practice kind, compassion, joy and giving, you will accomplish everything, it will naturally lead to all happiness.

Qihong CHEN

Feb 19 and Feb 26, 2021

Welcome you to have your own words!

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Written or Translated by our Preachers and Members

Inner Journey 心路歷程Inner Journey 作 词: Bennie SPIRITLyrics: Bennie SPIRIT 翻 译:何玉平Translated by: HE, YUPING 娑婆國五濁惡世的有情The sentient beings in the Saha World, the Five Evil Worlds 信妄想 隨感覺 依衝動自信地Confidently believe in their false thinkings, follow up their feelings and rely on their impulses 只為那 虛幻的五欲樂Just for the illusory pleasures from Five Desires, 幻得幻失 是迷恋They gain and lose in an...

The relationship between hatred and disease

Essay Writing of Buddhas’ Practice Incorporated (Issue 17) The relationship between hatred and disease Instructor:Bennie Spirit ,Shi Wuguang Author: Wang HuaiguMarch 16th, 2024 Abstract The relationship between hatred and disease is a close cause and effect relationship. Hatred can cause both mental and physical illnesses. Hatred affects an individual's mental health, including mental illnesses...

3 Types of Inborn Wisdoms

復次,佛子!如來智慧無處不至。何以故?無一眾生而不具有如來智慧,但以妄想顛倒執著而不證得;若離妄想,一切智、自然智、無礙智則得現前。 Furthermore, Heir of Buddha! The wisdoms of Buddhas can exist everywhere.Why? Everybody is born with Buddhas’ wisdom. They cannot attain it just because their own False Thinking, Deviant Views and Attachments.If they leave them behind, All Wisdom, Wisdom to Know Everything Naturally and Wisdom without Obstructions manefist. 佛子!如來智慧亦復如是,無量無礙,普能利益一切眾生,具足在於眾生身中;但諸凡愚妄想執著,不知不覺,不得利益。 Heir of Buddha,...

The relationship between greed and disease

  Essay Writing of Buddhas’ Practice Incorporated  (Issue 16)  The relationship between greed and disease  Instructor:Bennie Spirit  Shi Wuguang  Author: Wang Huaigu  January 4, 2024   Abstract   The relationship between greed and disease is a close causal one. Greed can lead to both mental and physical illnesses. Greed affects the mental health of the individual, including mental illnesses such...

On Consciousness

  Essay Writing of Buddhas’ Practice Incorporated    On Consciousness   Supervisor: Director Wang Huaigu, Master Wuguang  Submitted by: Bhikkhuni Shi Yin Yi  June 23, 2023   Abstract  This study explores consciousness from a Buddhist perspective. It begins by focusing on the definition of consciousness: consciousness is a seed, formed through habituation and conditioned by that habituation. It is...

On dust and dirt

  Essay Writing of Buddhas’ Practice Incorporated  On dust and dirt - A Brief Discussion on the Formation of Defilements with the "Shurangama Sutra" as the Center  Advisor︰Venerable Wuguang  Author: Shi Yin Yi  August 28, 2022 I. Preface   When I first learned about Buddhism, I read some Buddhist scriptures and stories, and one story that stuck...

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