Shi Zhenwu(Thimytrang LE)

  I am willing to plant good causes, conditions by making vows, gradually subdue my Afflictions, stay away from evil mentors and even to all evils, follow the Kind Mentor to hear the Proper Dharma, bring forth the intention of achieving unsurpassed path and carry out the Buddhas’ Practice....Read More

Paper Issue 14 Thesis title: Discuss doubts

  Paper Issue 14   Thesis title: Discuss doubts   Mentor: Bennie Spirit  Writer: Thimytrang LE (Grace Spirit)  Date: 26/09/2023  I. Introduction   According to the Buddha's teachings, sentient beings are sick people, sick...

On Greed

  The Buddhas’Practice Incorporated  First Issue Paper: On Greed  By Shi Zhenwu  June 09, 2020 1.Preface   From the beginning to the end, people always want to pursue, to seek fame...