Inner Journey

Inner Journey

作 词: Bennie SPIRIT
Lyrics: Bennie SPIRIT

翻 译:何玉平
Translated by: HE, YUPING

The sentient beings in the Saha World, the Five Evil Worlds

信妄想 隨感覺 依衝動自信地
Confidently believe in their false thinkings, follow up their feelings and rely on their impulses

只為那 虛幻的五欲樂
Just for the illusory pleasures from Five Desires,

幻得幻失 是迷恋
They gain and lose in an illusory form, but they are attached.

迷恋的主管是邪見, 邪見攜 貪嗔慢疑
Such kind of living beings are occupied by False Views, which come with Greed, Hatred, Arrogance and Doubt.

藉助福報 買痛苦
They gain various sufferings via costing them dear.

他教人狂奔 不停歇
False Views etc keep living beings running without stopping.

When they arise an intention, the evil-grasping mind comes first.

每一日蠱惑你 吃喝玩樂
Such False Views etc induce them to eat, drink and have fun day after day.

那妄想感覺衝動 以為這些是自己
While living beings deem such False Thinking, Feelings and Impulses themselves.

那感覺不知道 他是個幻影
In Reality, as to the Feeling, it is an illusion;

那妄想不知道 他是一前塵
To the False Thinking, it is a dust from memory.

貪婪從來源 熏習
Greed originates from Cultivating.

Without Greed, how could Hatred, Arrogance or Doubt come into being?

佛出世 猶如 昊日麗天 群昏灼破
The Buddha, comes into the world, just like the Sun shining in the sky, removing all the darkness,

月當空 照眾生 諸有得清涼
Like the moon in the sky, cooling all the sentient beings,

只為啊 獅吼覺醒 火宅眾生
the Buddha, carries out Perseverance, Gentleness, Benefiting and Being with others,

忍辱柔和 利行同事
in order to awaken the beings staying in flaming Houses via Dharma Speech.

他見這 娑婆國里 常顛倒
He finds that all the beings are upside-down in the Saha World.

想象需要 過去和現在
All their Imaginations originate from their feelings, Greed, Hatred, Arrogance and Doubts of the past and present.

感受加貪嗔慢疑 來填充 自編自演 入戲很深
Such imaginations automatically write plays and perform, inducing them to indulge in so deeply.

他跨時空 胡乱的拼接 融通妄想 癡當家
Such imaginations, travelling over space and time, mix things up randomly, just because they are the Ignorance itself.

可是那從來 就是追隨這個魔
While the sentient beings from endless beginning follow such imaginations, the demons,

不管你咋樣集啊 那也是個假東西
however they collect, the imaginations are still false and illusory.

眾生都不知道 感覺只是影 眾生都不知道 妄想在亂編
The sentient beings never know that the feelings are just illusions; that the Imaginations are always writing.

豈有煮沙 能成飯?
Is it possible to succeed going against the rules?

錯把妄想 作主人
All of the sentient beings wrongly take False Thinking as themselves.

它左覆藏 那個右迷惑 慳貪吝嗇 露心機
The False Thinking shields and confuses all the way, while from such details as being stingy and greedy, the tricks it uses are disclosed.

可是那從來痛苦的 根源是貪
However, the root of suffering is greed.

不管您咋樣追呀 那也是個妄境地
However you chase after, you could never reach the illusory states.

一切常變 見性不變
Everything changes, except The True Nature of seeing.

聲音有生滅 聞性常在
The sound comes and goes, while the True Nature of Hearing never does.

知見立知 即錯誤本
Treating every phenomenon as real is the root of False.

長期熏習 頑固認知
In addition, through long time cultivation, the false views become firm.

娑婆的教主 有交待:
The Lord of the Saha Worlds instructs:

There is no need to find skilful means but just to leave the illusions behind at once when recognizing them.

Leaving them behind is awareness, without any steps.

末世眾生依此修行 如是能永離諸幻
The living beings in the Dharma Ending worlds practicing accordingly could leave all the illusions behind forever.

那苦是樂 還是樂是苦?
The Suffering is the Bliss or the Bliss is the Suffering?

那幻是真 還是真是幻?
The Illusion is the Reality or the Reality is the Illusion?

依體起大悲 是佛陀弟子時刻的行持
To germinate Great Compassion based on True Self is the right practice of Buddha’s heirs in their every minute.

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